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The Quinta das Arcas winemaking team lead by engineer Fernando Machado, monitors more than 200 hectares (500 acres) of vineyards to make sure that the harvest will have the best possible grape quality.

At Quinta das Arcas there is a constant concern not only with the grapes quality but also with the environment, therefore our grapes are produced according to IPM (integrated pest management) methods.

Our winemaking team as the mission to obtain the best grapes respecting the environment that surrounds them and respecting the ecosystems that inhabit the vineyards.

Processos de Vinificação
In the estates located in the north of the country, in the Vinho Verde region, the grapes are harvested manually, transported in small stainless steel containers and vinified in a short period in order to preserve the primary aromas.
Here the wines are vinified by the classic method, quickly destemmed and pressed, followed by low temperature fermentation on the white wines and carbonic maceration on the reds.
In the rosé wine production is used the same method used in the white wine but with a small skin fermentation and strict temperature control.

In the Alentejo the harvest is mechanical allowing to work during the night and part of the morning avoiding the high temperatures that scorches the region during the harvest season. Having the winery located in the middle of the vineyards allows us to vinify in a very few minutes after the harvest. All the grapes are destemmed when entering the winery.
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